Our Services

Industry Services

Selling new and used equipment is only a portion of the services we offer. We also offer full turnkey installations plant moves, on-site training, storage, cleaning, inspection, and international and domestic shipment on all new and pre-owned makes and models of printing machinery. Our printing equipment technicians are fully insured and work on your time schedule to minimize downtime. We also offer discounts on Rollers, UV systems, Parts, and more.

On-Site Training Services

Dixie Reproductions offers custom training tailored to suit your budget and exact needs. We can provide concentrated press training, in addition to the basic press installation instructions. This method makes it easy and accommodating to you by conducting training right in the convenience and familiarity of your own facility. Charges for our on-site training varies; therefore, the arrangements must be made individually upon request. Our training training can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Ensuring consistent practices across shifts.
  • Training on the latest technology.
  • Improving overall productivity.
  • Improving problem solving & troubleshooting skills.
  • Reducing waste.

Inspection Services

When purchasing pre-owned printing equipment, knowing the condition is very important. Dixie Reproduction offers printing equipment inspection as part of our selling process. The following is what all our printing equipment inspection services include:

  • Equipment demonstration and inspection- we will keep several production samples from the test demonstration to enable us to match the final production set-up on your floor. We make several breakaway runs to check the cylinder surfaces for damage or low areas.
  • Inspection of grippers, water and ink rollers, in-feed mechanism, delivery chains and chain sprockets, receding stacker lowering mechanism, and other general press functions listed on our inspection report.
  • If the customer cannot be present, we conduct the inspection and provide detailed information including videos, press samples and copies of the inspection report.
  • Verification of the registration of the press.
  • Verification of the cylinder breakaways to ensure that no damage has been done to the press during the waiting and delivery period.
  • Verification of the electrical sequence and console to ensure that no change has taken place in the circuitry.
  • Replacement recommendations, if necessary.

Shipping Services

Whether you are buying new or pre-owned printing equipment, shipping is always a hassle. Dixie Reproduction can help make this process easy and hassle free. As part of our installation and selling process, we offer domestic and international shipping options. We are able to arrange for freight, rigging, and installation of your printing equipment. Our international and domestic shipping services include:

  • We will arrange for riggers to load the press, and we will coordinate their schedules with the truckers and the mechanic.
  • We will arrange trucking for the press, providing the carrier with dimensions and weight specifications.
  • We certify insurance coverage on the accepted carrier, riggers, and mechanic.
  • We will arrange for the dismantling of the press units, including marking all wires.
  • We will arrange to have the press properly prepared for international or domestic shipment.
  • The mechanic will meet the press at your dock and thoroughly check the load for external damage or shifted load.

To learn more, please contact us by filling out the form in the Contact Us page and we will get back to you!

Move Services

We have moved many small to large commercial print shops. We take all the worry out of a plant move and do all the necessary background check to ensure the people on site are fully capable and insured to cover your plant move. We facilitate the dismantlement, rigging, shipment, and installation of the equipment. For over 46 years, print shops have trusted Dixie Reproductions with moving their shops down the road or across the country.

Storage Services

If you need to store your printing equipment, we can help you! Dixie offers a large storage facility based just North of Nashville, TN, to store your equipment. Our factory is climate controlled and secure to ensure your equipment is well taken care of while in our hands. Services for cleaning, painting, powder coating guards are among some of what we can offer while your equipment is in our factory.

Dry Ice Cleaning and Painting Services

If you printing equipment is starting to look bad and needs a freshening up, let us handle the cleaning of your equipment! We offer dry ice, hand cleaning, factory epoxy paint, and powder coating services to bring your machine back to looking new again. Dry ice cleaning is an ideal solution for cleaning all types of printing equipment. Cleaning with dry ice can remove ink, grease, paper lint, and other built-up coatings. Due to dry ice’s non-abrasive nature, even extremely fine plates used in the gravure process can be cleaned. These services can be done onsite at your facility or at our factory. Whether you’re selling your printing equipment or just want to revive your old printing equipment, we can help you.