When purchasing pre-owned printing equipment, knowing the condition is very important. Dixie Reproduction offers printing equipment inspection as part of our selling process. The following is what all our printing equipment inspection services include:

  • Equipment demonstration and inspection- we will keep several production samples from the test demonstration to enable us to match the final production set-up on your floor. We make several breakaway runs to check the cylinder surfaces for damage or low areas.
  • Inspection of grippers, water and ink rollers, in-feed mechanism, delivery chains and chain sprockets, receding stacker lowering mechanism, and other general press functions listed on our inspection report.
  • If the customer cannot be present, we conduct the inspection and provide detailed information including videos, press samples and copies of the inspection report.
  • Verification of the registration of the press. 
  • Verification of the cylinder breakaways to ensure that no damage has been done to the press during the waiting and delivery period.
  • Verification of the electrical sequence and console to ensure that no change has taken place in the circuitry.
  • Replacement recommendations, if necessary.