2018 Xerox Versant 2100

2018 Xerox Versant 2100

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  1. Optional Manual Sheet Inserter- Provides an extra 250 oversized sheet capacity, expanding the total number of pick points to six for added production flexibility.
  2. Advanced High Capacity Feeders- Comprised of two 2,000-sheet trays, enabling you to run lightweight, heavyweight and specialty stocks from 15 lb Bond to 130 lb Cover (52–350 gsm). Auto-Tray Switching and reloadwhile- run capabilities optimize press time. Optional Dual Advanced High Capacity Feeders configuration offers four trays with 2,000 sheets each, 52–300 gsm coated/uncoated.
  3. Customer Adjustable Alignment - Keeps registration with a tight tolerance using electronic control over skew, perpendicularity and lead-edge adjustments. Production Accurate Registration (PAR) Provides consistent front-to-back registration automatically, from page to page and run to run.
  4. Paper Feed Module- A module with three 550-sheet trays accommodates an array of stocks from 64-256 gsm. Along with the Advanced High Capacity Feeder and Optional Manual Sheet Inserter, the Versant 2100 holds 5,900 sheets of paper.
  5. Seamless Intermediate Belt Transfer- Provides even greater versatility, speed and reliability across a wide range of media and applications.
  6. Bias Charge Rolls/Long Life Photoreceptors- This new innovation provides more uniform charge to the photoreceptor to deliver more stable print quality within a page and from page to page. Self-cleaning technology optimizes press availability while maintaining high print quality standards.
  7. Load-While-Run “Low Gloss” Dry Ink- Improves productivity because you don’t have to stop when loading dry ink. A reservoir holds enough dry ink to continue operation while you load new dry ink cartridges. Xerox® EA Low Melt Dry Ink Chemically grown, small, consistent particles produce great quality and a new low gloss formulation gives all your applications a smooth offset-like finish. Requires less power to fuse to a variety of stocks.
  8. Fully Automated Output Decurler- Provides consistent and reliable output quality. Programmable settings let you define parameters for specific stocks, ensuring flat output that is ready for finishing.
  9. Compact Belt Fuser Assembly- Provides the uniform heat and pressure needed to fuse images onto a wide variety of stocks up to 350 gsm.
  10. Paper Path- Including the stainless-steel inversion and duplex paths, plays an important role in supporting benchmark image quality, reliability and speed. Customer adjustable settings let you fine tune image positioning. Auto Sheet Clearing Provides simple, efficient and virtually hands-free jam recovery.
  11. Ultra HD Resolution- The combination of rendering resolution (1200 x 1200 up to 10-bit) and imaging resolution, (2400 x 2400) with expanded halftone screens yields a smoother, crisper resolution of objects and improved graphic fill sweeps.
  12. Compact Cooling Module- Enables maximum productivity by cooling stocks at rated speed so applications can be finished immediately.
  13. Full Width Array Inline Sensor- Integrated RGB scanner delivers three functions that

automate otherwise time-consuming setup tasks: IOT Color Control, Image to Media Alignment and Color Management via ACQS.

  1. Integrated User Interface- Provides access to press controls and statuses. Also provides access to Full Width Array IOT Color Control functions.
  2. High-Capacity Stacker- Provides production stacking capabilities by supporting all media regardless of size and weight. Removable cart adds unload-while-run capability, maximizing press time.
  3. Output Tray- Provides quick and easy access for short runs and proofs.


ModelVersant 2100
Stock Number0A3088
Sheet Size13 x 19
# of Colors4