2005 Ryobi 524HE

2005 Ryobi 524HE

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Key Technical Specifications:

1. Printing Units: 4-colour offset configuration

2. Maximum Paper Size: 375 x 520 mm

3. Minimum Paper Size: 100 x 150 mm

4. Maximum Printing Area: 350 x 505 mm

5. Plate Size: 420 x 525 mm with a margin of 25 mm

6. Printing Speed: Up to 13,000 sheets/hour

7. Paper Thickness: 0.04 - 0.4 mm

8. Feeder Pile Capacity: 800 mm

9. Delivery Pile Capacity: 600 mm

Technical Data:

1. Semiautomatic Plate Changer (SAPC): Enables efficient and swift plate changes, maximizing uptime and minimizing manual intervention.

2. PCS-H Printing Control System: Features an ergonomic and intuitive touch-screen interface, simplifying machine operation and streamlining job setups.

3. State-of-the-art Inking System: Powered by Ryobi’s signature technology, this system facilitates uniform ink distribution, promising unparalleled print quality across the board.

4. Ryobi-matic Continuous Dampening System: Customized to work seamlessly with a range of paper types, maintaining the perfect balance of moisture for high-quality prints.

5. Automatic Cleaning Systems: Equipped with mechanisms to automate the cleaning of ink rollers, blankets, and the impression cylinder. This not only ensures consistent print quality but also enhances machine longevity.

6. Energy Efficiency: True to Ryobi's eco-friendly ethos, the 524 HE champions optimal energy consumption, optimizing operational costs and mitigating environmental impact.

7. Robust Construction: Built with industry-leading materials, the 524 HE withstands the rigors of heavy-duty print schedules, assuring durability and long-term reliability.


Stock Number4A3084
Sheet Size14 x 20
# of Colors4