2017 Duplo DB-290 Perfect Binder

2017 Duplo DB-290 Perfect Binder

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Binding type: Tape, Perfect, Padding

Cycle speed: up to 360 cycles/hour

Maximum Binding Thickness: 1.6"

Book Size: minimum 1.97''x 4.72"; maximum 12.6'' x 15.75"

Production Speed: up to 200 books/hour

Electrical: 110 V, 60 Hz

Dimensions: 51.2''L x 22''W x 18.5'' H

Weight: 271 lbs.


Produces up to 200 books per hour

Up to 360 cycles per hour

Creates perfect bound, tape bound, and padded books

Single-operator design and easy changeovers

Unique notching method for maximum glue penetration

Improved clamping and nipping system

The user-friendly and automatic DB-290 Perfect Binder brings professional glue binding and tape binding to your desktop. Producing up to 200 books per hour, the DB-290 is ideal for short-run, on-demand applications.

With the automated performance and outstanding features typically reserved for more expensive machines, the DB-290 provides centrally located controls for single-operator efficiency. Electronic operation and a clearly marked LED display ensure precise settings, while a quick push of a button converts the machine for padding and tape binding jobs. Simply place the book block into the clamp where pages are gripped automatically and the binding process is started. A double pass over the roughing and notching blades provides superior notching and roughening to ensure superb glue penetration for a perfect bind. Its clamping and nipping system also ensures consistent square book spines.

Innovative features of the DB-290 include a dust extractor as well as roughing blades which provide a more durable bind. A side glue tank also applies glue onto the spine ensuring better adhesion for a professionally finished book. In addition, the DB-290 has tape binding capabilities and with a quick push of a button, can convert to a padding function where only the precise amount of glue is added to complete perfectly bound note pads. For added convenience and efficiency, the DB-290 features a cover detection mechanism at the nipping station that ensures the clamp will not travel back to the nipping position until the cover stock is in position. Optimum operator convenience is further ensured by the ability to set book thicknesses accordingly and by a stand-by mode that allows periodic interruptions in production while minimizing glue deterioration. A safety cover on the roughing and notching blade ensures operator safety.


ModelDB-290 Perfect Binder
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