2007 Komori LS 640+CX

2007 Komori LS 640+CX

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KomoriMatic Dampening, PQC/PDC-SII Console (Closed Loop), Chilled Rollers, Weko Powder Spray, IR Dryer, UV Dryer, UV 3 inter-deck units - 2 in the delivery, Harris & Bruno AniloxCoater UV Coating, Extended Delivery, High Pile Delivery, Auto Ink Loaders, Refrideration/ Recirculation, Auto Presets, SAPC, Plate Cocking, Aqueous Coating, Plate Bender, Sheet Decurler, Roller Wash, Blanket Wash, Impression Cylinder Wash, Continuous Feed, Continuous Delivery, Factory Air

Recent Upgrades:

New brake installed in feeder.

New aqueous pump

New copper and chrome rollers

New Boettcher rollers (UV Chameleon compound rollers)

New Weko powder unit

New print Xrite PDC scanner head

Replace and adjusted gripper pads as needed.

The UV system has been completely rebuilt, 2 new transformers.

UV pump has been rebuilt.

Oil and grease lines have been replaced.

Exhaust hoses replaced as needed.

Ice blasted inside of units.

Ink Sentinels have been rebuilt.

All chillers have been inspected and rebuilt as needed.

Drive motor inspected and tested.


ModelLS 640+CX
Stock Number6K0513
Sheet Size28 x 40
# of Colors6