Plockmatic 5010e

Plockmatic 5010e

Springfield, TN

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The Booklet Maker BK5010e, Trimmer TR5010e, Book Folder BF5010e and Cover Feeder CF5010 forms a booklet making system that works online/offline with a Copier/ Digital press.

The print-outs from the Copier are collected in the finisher and then transported into the BK5010e Booklet Maker to the staple area. From the CF5010 Cover Feeder (optional), if present, any type of covers, colored or black and whites, can be added to the printed set. The Booklet Maker now jogs and then staples the set. The set is then transported further to the folding area where the set is folded into a booklet and then fed out to the belt stacker. When a larger number of sheets are folded an effect called creeping occurs. In order to rectify creep, the TR5010e Trimmer (optional) can be attached after the Booklet Maker. The booklets are then transported from the Booklet Maker into the Trimmer where the trail edge will be cut off. If a TR5010e Trimmer is installed to the BK5010e Booklet Maker, you can can attach the BF5010e Book Folder (optional). The printouts, which have been stapled, folded and trimmed will be fed into the BF5010e. The BF5010e will flatten the spine of the booklet square. The booklets will, after passing the BF5010e, have the look of a perfect bound book. The booklets are then fed out to the Belt Stacker.

This Booklet Maker includes the Folder, Trimmer, Cover Feeder, Belt Stacker.


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