2015 Komori GL-840-P

2015 Komori GL-840-P

Springfield, TN

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Elevated 300 mm, Komorimatic dampening system, A-APC synchronous simultaneous Plate Change system, PQC-S Print Quality control, Wallscreen, PDC-SX spectrophotometric reference control integrated in the PQC control panel, Remote control of inking, Remote register control, Longitudinal (+/- 2mm), Transverse (+/- 3mm), Diagonal transfer cylinder (+/- 0.2mm), Remote control of mowing cylinder A -in input (+/- 0.3mm), Remote control trapezoidal sheet stretching – on input (0-0.6mm), Trapezoidal stretching of the sheet – at the entrance (0-0.6mm), AMR Preset, Komori SIP, Komori Management System – KMS4 machine monitoring system, Advanced, self-adaptive system for quick inking, dying and automatic control of printing parameters – Komori KHS-AI, Disc register preset, Preset format and thickness of the substrate, KHS - AI ( Advanced Interface), Komori smart sequence, Komori Smart Feedback, Komori Air Preset, KID - Komori Info-Service Display, Technotrans Beta C, Ink Temperature Control, Auto Ink roller wash, Auto Blanket Wash, Auto Impression Cylinder Wash, PCC 2.3x (Software), pile alignment on feeder, Micrometric adjustment of the lateral pull pay by touch panel +/- 3 mm, Water cooled press, Max Print Speed: One-sided printing – 15,000 sheets / hour, Two-sided printing – 15,000 sheets / hour, The minimum printing speed – 3,000 sheets / hour, Stack Height: Feeder -1450 mm – Delivery – 1380 mm, KOMORIMATIC dampening system


Stock Number8B0416
Sheet Size28 x 40
# of Colors8