2008 Heidelberg XL105-10-P

No longer available

2008 Heidelberg XL105-10-P

North America


2008 XL105-10P 29X41 10 Color

Alcolor Vario, CP2000 with Axis Control and Wall Screen, 5/5 Perfecting, Auto-Perfecting Change over, Powder Spray, Dry Star IR Dryer, Auto Ink Loaders, Auto-Roller Wash, Auto Blanket Wash, Auto Impression Cylinder Wash, Auto Plate Changers, Non-Stop feed and Delivery, Preset Plus Feeder: new feeder with suction tape feeder, Steel plate on feeder, Antistatic, Electronic double sheet control, Electronic missing sheet detector

Automatic ink regulation from console, Ink temperature control, Refrigerator Technotrans beta.c, Autoplate Advanced: fully automatic plate change

Preset: automatic paper size, Automated perfecting device 5/5 - 10/0, Preset Plus Delivery: Powder spray Weko, Non-stop delivery, Steel plate on delivery, AirStar: centralized and soundproof cabin for the air pumps, ScrollStar: Atlas Copco compressor, CombiStar: inking unit temperature control Technotrans CAN and AlcolSmart, metering device of isopropyl alcohol (IPA), Refrigeration Water-cooled Technotrans beta.ps


Stock Number10A1026
Impression Count304