Duplo 5000 System Dynamic Bookletmaker

Duplo 5000 System Dynamic Bookletmaker

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Duplo redefined the word automatic with the introduction of the System 5000 Collating and Bookletmaking System, the first finishing machine to deliver cutting edge technology at unprecedented speeds of up to 5,000 booklets and 9,800 collated sets per hour. Incorporating two high-speed DC-10/60 Pro suction feed collators in-line with the fully automatic DBM-500/T Bookletmaker and Trimmer, the System 5000 remains the most

productive and technologically-advanced collating and bookletmaking solution in the industry.

Duplo System 5000 3 knife trimmer, (2) 10 bin towers, dual head stitcher


Model5000 System Dynamic Bookletmaker
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