2011 Heidelberg CD102-5+LX UV

North America

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Prinect Press Center Control Station with Wallscreen Prinect Axis Control: High-performance Color Measurement System Autoplate (Automatic Plate Changing System) Automatic Impression Cylinder Washing Device Automatic Ink Roller Washing Device Technotrans CombiStar CANopen: Ink. Temperature Control (Watercooled) DryStar Combination CANopen Dryer for conv. Ink and Coating with 3 Slides Coating System with Doctor Chamber Blade Coating Package Watercooled: Doctor Chamber Blade, Preset Delivery, DryStar 2000 Combination, CANopen Coating Star: Coating Supply Staticstar Compact: Antistatic Device on Feeder & Delivery Enddryer UV IST AirStar: Central Air Supply Cabinet (Aircooled) CleanStar Compact: Effectively Powder Emissions at delivery Double Sheet Control - electronic Powderstar AP 262: Powder Sprayer Preset Plus Feeder: Fully Automatic Configuration of the Feeder Extended Delivery Preset


ModelCD102-5+LX UV
Stock Number5E2020