2008 MOLL B&R Marathon Pocket Folder/Gluer

2008 MOLL B&R Marathon Pocket Folder/Gluer

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The 2008 Moll B&R Marathon Pocket Folder/Gluer is a versatile machine designed for folding and gluing various paper products. Here are the specifications for this equipment:

  1. Max Product Size: 30" x 30"
  2. Min Product Size: 5.5" x 5.5"
  3. Max Linear Speed: 425 ft/min
  4. Material Compatibility: Cover Stock Paper, Heavy Board
  5. Paper Weight Range: 70lb Cover to 28pt Stocks
  6. Compressed Air Connection: 90 PSI
  7. Electrical Specifications: 220V, 3PH, 30AMP, 60 HZ

The Marathon Pocket Folder/Gluer is equipped with features like a Buckle Fold Plate with removable ribs and an all-stainless steel back plate to prevent marking and static build-up. Additionally, it has a Tipper Fold Plate with dual anti-marking rollers, allowing it to handle heavier stocks. 


ModelB&R Marathon Pocket Folder/Gluer
Stock Number0K3022