2014 Komori Lithrone GL 640+CX UV

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2014 Komori Lithrone GL 640+CX UV

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Full UV Press, 2 UV Interdeck dryer, 3 UV Lamps in delivery, Intercommunication system between infeed and delivery, Komori FAPC, full automatic plate change, Automatic impression cylinder washing device, Full-AMR Automated Make Ready, Chromed cylinders, KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) with Self-learning Function, Air Side lay and Front lay Detector, Filtration System of the dampening solution Technotrans Beta, KOMORIMATIC-2 with delta effect dampening, Anilox Tower Coater, KMS V Komori Monitoring System, Suction-tape feeder table, Automatic paper size setting on feeder, PQC (print quality control console), Venturi Air Guide (Skeleton Transfer Cylinder), ITC -Ink Temperature Control, Printing units prepared for intermediate UV dryers, Automatic Impression cylinder Cleaners (AICC), Automatic Ink Roller Cleaner (AIRC ), Automatic blanket Washers (ABW), Komori Extended delivery, Komori PDC SX Online Spectrophotometer Poli Filter Function, Komori Smart Feedback program-controlled density changes, Quality 

and reliability in an eco-friendly and economical innovative UV curing system, Smart Sequencing for Automatic Job Processing, Docking Station in all printing units, Monitor on the PQC to check 

register, density, PQC sheet guide, Automatic (partial) paper format arrangement functions (suction nip, suction wheel, side stops, side matcher), Declutch on first and last unit, Independent speed control of the dampening roller, (Optional possible to installed IR dryer)


ModelLithrone GL 640+CX UV
Stock Number6E0508
Sheet Size28 x 40
# of Colors6