HP Indigo 30000

HP Indigo 30000

Springfield, TN

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Standard Configuration 4-Color Digital Press Throughput

Speed 3,450(4/0): 4.600 full color (3/0) 29" sheets per hour, with Enhanced Productivity Mode feature, Line Screens 175. 180 and 180m (HOI) LPI spectrophotometer HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press Requires HP Smartstream IN150 (Esko) with Version 5 1 RIP Server Color kit 1s, Tresu Chiller (HPC4-6), Tresu Royse ICOAT-3000, 1 pallet feeder, 1 one shot print engine, 1 top drawer. In line finishing interface, 4 ink stations. left guide (X-align ), 1 bottom (maintenance jobs) drawer, lnline pnming unit (incl dust removal, excluding corona kit ), 1 stacker (max height 880 mm/ 34.6"

Total clicks is 7,198,812


ModelIndigo 30000
Stock Number4A0134
# of Colors4