2014 Graphic Whizard PT-SCC

No longer available

2014 Graphic Whizard PT-SCC

Springfield, TN


The Graphic Whizard PT SCC is a highly accurate, low cost, easy to use multi-functional finishing device that can slit, cut, crease & fold, all controlled by a color touch screen.

The SCC produces a wide variety of professional quality, full-bleed applications such as business cards, greeting cards, invitations, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, posters, book/CD covers, photographs, and more.

Capable of performing 6 slits, up to 32 cuts, and 32 creases per sheet, this powerful digital finishing system features the ability to manage heavier substrates up to 350gsm and larger sheet sizes, faster processing speed, and a rigid structure.

Key Features:

Up to 6 slits, 32 cuts, & 32 creases in 1 pass

Processing speed up to 25 sheets per minute

Barcode reader for jobs set up (option)

Bar Creaser Technology for Crease without cracking

Fully automatic setup once values are feed

Compact design with small footprint

99 Memory for storing repeat jobs

Adjustable crease depth

Ultrasonic Paper jam detector

Large Color Touch screen control

Perforate a sheet’s full length in both directions in one pass

2022: $2,500 invested reconditioning machine.


ManufacturerGraphic Whizard
Stock Number0A0102